Ad Specialty Institute

Advertising Specialty Institute

Our incredible style of professional photography attracts new clients for us year after year!

Here’s a recent feature photo that we shot for “Advertising Specialty Institute | Promoting Success™” for the national advertising campaign and for their national conventions & trade shows. ASA is well known for the specialty advertising products, and the very successful network of sales offices across the globe. We were hired to shoot this PR segment of the advertising campaign right here in Memphis Tennessee. Nicole McNamee is featured in the photo below, and she loved what we did for her! The shot was blown up into several 8 foot tall banner for the ASA Convention, as well as used nationally for the companies advertising campaign for 2015. We worked hard to get this image, shooting a full day on location after location to capture just the right light, the right emotion, and the right level of energy needed to make this photo stand out!