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Video and Film Production Memphis

Video and Film Production Memphis. Located in Memphis Tennessee, our award winning video production services are just what your business needs to create beautiful, stunning HD films. Our team is experienced in production from storyboard and script writing, all the way to shooting and editing using the best gear in the industry. We love the latest hd, 2k and 4k cinema cameras, lenses and gear. From high end productions to small budget shoots, we have you covered.

Video Experience Counts

Michael Allen is our Director of Photography, he’s been in the video production industry for over 20 years, and he gets calls to both shoot films and supervise production on set. His technical knowledge and love of the art in HD video production  From high profile PR Agencies, Celebrity Artists, to Fortune 500 Companies across the globe, businesses and production supervisors know that they can count on us to provide the best in professional production and support.

HD Video Productions

We love shooting videos of all kinds, and we have equal talent as photographers. From to Music Videos, Business Profile Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Branding Biographies, Indie Films, Product Highlight Videos, Behind The Scenes Shorts, Interview Films, Fashion Film Promotions, Industrial Videos, Travel and Tourism Videos, to magazine editorial photography, fashion photography, product photography, people portraits, aerial photography, architectural photos and more.

The Client Comes First

Whether your company is new or a seasoned company with years of experience, Michael Allen Media offers VIP service for every project we take on. Our client list includes Fortune 500 Companies,  Music Labels, Print and Media Magazines, Production Companies, Doctors, Medical Industry Specialists, Hotels and Resorts, Food and Restaurant Industry, PR Agencies, Advertising Agencies and every day people that need the best in media services.

An Idea Sparks the Imagination

From the first day that I set foot on the grounds of Disney theme parks as a kid, My imagination ran wild. My early years in my families architectural, design and manufacturing business taught me the skills to create. Give me a blank sheet of paper and I can write or draw almost out any idea. From that blank sheet, I’ve built dreams into reality. Let me show you what our media production company can do for you. Artistry runs in my veins, and I love anything creative, and I know how to run a business. Put those two together and we can get things done!

Video Production Services

Video and film Production Memphis. We can put together crews, set design, studio space, support crew, catering, decorating, script writers, cameras and camera operators, camera assistants, production assistants, sound technicians, music production, video editors, casting supervisors, and more. We’ve worked in the video and film scene in Memphis for over 20 years, and know the best people to hire for your video production services needs.

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 Church Health Center Loves Memphis!

Watch the production that we designed, created, filmed and delivered to help The Church Health Center raise hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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Historic Annesdale Mansion Preservation!

We shot this beautiful film for the historic Annesdale Mansion’s business campaign to help them reach high end brides for a once in a lifetime event!

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Oxford Mississippi Visitors & Convention Bureau

Who loves Oxford for their amazing music heritage, college football, and True Southern hospitality? Watch our hand made film that helps Oxford sell out their yearly music festival!