Michael is a coach and mentor for photographers & videographers who want to increase their level of training at a professional level. Whether you are a novice just starting out, or at an intermediate level, or even an accomplished professional who just wants to brush up on certain skills, Michael offers one on one mentorship and training to help you achieve your goals. Michael has been named Best of Lessons.com and he would love to help you in your career or personal endeavors. Contact Michael through Lessons.com or directly on our website contact page to find out more about the costs and specific areas that you want in for training.


The Film Institute of L.A.

Want to start a career in Film, Video, Photography? Michael Allen is a mentor for  The Film Connection Institute of L.A. and offers his film artistry to students who want to become professional film makers. Michaels successful career attracts some of the biggest names in the business, and he's carved out a professional niche working in the South. Michael's mentorship is a valuable tool, he works with The Film Institute of L.A. mentoring and teaching students the art of film work in Memphis Tennessee. To find out how to work with Michael visit The Film Connection Institute of L.A. and get started in your new career as a professional photographer / cinematographer.

Meet Photographer / Cinematographer Michael Allen