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Southern Bride Magazine – We love shooting for Southern Bride. We travel all over the Southern US, the Caribbean and Mexico with the magazine for some incredible fashion shoots. The best part of shooting besides the passion that we have for the photographs, is the exotic locations and amazing food that we get to eat. Most of the resort locations offer us the absolute best cuisine and accommodations that you can imagine. We always stay on location in the finest suites for the shoots, and we always stay on for a few extra days to unwind from the hard work of the 4 day shoots. (We consider that an all expense paid vacation.) We also work as travel writers on most of our location shoots, and tell stories of our adventures in each issue of the magazine. For this shoot we actually shot in our hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, shooting at the absolutely amazing Annesdale Mansion. The Villa dates back to the early 1900’s and is probably one of the largest and most pristine estates in the Southern USA. For this shoot our photographs graced a 20 page spread in the magazine, and one of our food details shots so impressed the editors that they chose it for the cover shot. Our metadata shows that we got almost 90,000 views on this shoot, and there were probably over a million views over the past year over social media and shares of all the amazing fashion designers. Here’s just a few of our favorite photos from the magazine.