Tim Howard – 7UP

7up Shoot with World Cup Soccer Champion Tim Howard

(The photos shown here are by photographer Warwick Saint. Video production by Michael Allen)

We were so excited to get the call from the producers of 7up / Dr Pepper to work with them to shoot several world wide television spots featuring World Soccer Cup Champion Tim Howard for the 2015 7up Kick it Up campaign. We shot green screen segments with Tim for the branding campaign. Their team flew into Memphis and we coordinated the shoot with their producers, their director and photographer Warwick Saint. Michael Allen Media provided a full video production crew for the shoot. Michael worked as the cinematographer with Greg Gray as digital assistant, Dan Baker on lighting, Robb Rokk on audio, and Josh Gilmore and Chris Pollack worked as Mr. Saints photography assistant. Josh had the job of goal keeper for Tim – all of the crew on set were a bit jealous of that! (I’ll keep an eye out for the TV spots when they air and make a new post for those. It was pretty cool filming Tim Howard, for this shoot I used a Sony FS 700 camera with a Ninja Blade recording the footage. Getting to work alongside world renown photographer Warwick Saint was another awesome experience and he was a pleasure to work with on this production.)

*Tim Howard Photography by Warwick Saint with Video Production by Michael Allen.